Tuesday, December 8, 2015

When You're Gone, How Will Your Realtor Collegues Remember You?

As we get ready for another  busy year maybe we should all ask ourselves how we want to be remembered.

     There'll forever be a deal, or a lead, to chase before someone else gets it; or some other slick marketing technique to master before your competitor does. Technology, laws, rules, and financing change; Some for good, some not so good. But competition remains the same, though agent's names may change. and even those won't last forever. After all we are, on average, much older than  people in other professions. Recently, our market lost some Realtors I admired and knew for years.  I reflected over my memories from when I first met them, deals I had done with them and how much I would miss their competence, professionalism and friendliness. Their love for this profession reflected in the manner they worked. They always had time to extend appreciation and delivered more than was expected; going above and beyond to make a transaction the best it could be. The kind of agents you always felt happy to see  at meetings and events and relieved to see on the other end of a deal. In this fiercely harsh competitive profession agents usually strive to be their best measured by numbers,  awards, and dollars. However,  the agents I will remember and miss the most are the ones that strive to be their best by the measurement of kindness, professionalism and in the positive manner in which they interact with others. These are the ones that are the shining examples of the way we should be doing business. These people quietly blend into the background behind the noise, clap and thunder of the competitive world of real estate champions. They may, or may not, be high achievers and if so they are usually humbly appreciative,  opposed to being boisterously arrogant. They are quick to acknowledge their own faults and reluctant to see fault in others. They worry more about taking good care of their own business than how to get someone else's. They take responsibility and are eager to help resolve issues. They are the ones we want to, and enjoy, working with. The ones that remind us, by example and spirit, when they are with us as well as when they are gone, what being a real estate champion truly is.